Google Attack on Scraper Sites

Scraper Report is a report which is used to against scraper sites. The scraper sites owner stolen the original content from any site and put these data into their sites.The original site owner has big loss that his page is deranking in goole. He worked hard and make a informated content but scraper site owner put some data into their site. When google see this situation he introduced a tool against the scraper sites owner to control him to copy the content.

Scraper Report is very important for web developers. This tool is inside of google. This report is not promise the original site owner to fix it immediately. But they asked to shair it. Google is a strong web form and he promised to his clints that he can help them and protect them. Anyway we go to our lecture.

First of all we opened the Scraper Report site click under the link

Scraper Report

This site is contain on 3 portion.

(A)   What’s the URL on your site where the content was taken from?

(Your Post URL) In this box put your URL from your web page which is stolen.

(B)   What’s the exact URL on the scraper site?

(Copier Post URL) This box is used for scraper site URL in which your post  or content is seen to other site.

(C)   What’s the Google search result URL that demonstrates the problem?

(Google Search Results) In this portion put the address bar link appear in the web browser address box.

Then click the check box to accept the terms and conditions. Then click on the Submit button to complete the process. I can explane it with picture.

google screper report

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