Taliban chief, No peace until foreign troops leave Afghanistan

KABUL: The Afghan Taliban’s new pioneer told Kabul on Tuesday it must drop a security manage the United States (US) and remove every remote troop on the off chance that it needs peace in Afghanistan.

Mullah Mansour made the interest in his first message denoting the Muslim celebration of Eidul Azha since assuming responsibility of the guerilla development after the passing of talismanic establishing pioneer Mullah Omar was affirmed in July.

“In the event that the Kabul organization needs to end the war and build up peace in the nation, it is conceivable through closure the occupation and repudiating all military and security bargains with the intruders,” Mansour said in the message posted in English on the Afghan Taliban’s site.

The aggressors have spent late weeks attempting to fix up a harming break in the development started by the force battle that took after the affirmation Omar had kicked the bucket in 2013.

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Numerous in the development were miserable the demise had been kept mystery for a long time — amid which time yearly Eid explanations were issued in Omar’s name.

In spite of its inner battles, and the late development of the so called adversary Islamic State (IS) gathering in the nation, the Taliban’s 14-year rebellion hints at no loosening.

Late suggestions by the administration of President Ashraf Ghani for a peace settlement have finished in disappointmen

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