The Boat Is Sinking Economy To Rebound – Budget 2015-16

The Boat Is Sinking Economy To Rebound. Pakistan’s federal government budget for fiscal years 2016 to 2015 is issued today Friday 05/06/2015. The total volume of 43 billion to 13 billion this fiscal year, which is more than nine percent. Islamabad Federal Finance Minister Ishaq Dar said in the Parliament the statement budget for the next financial year. Defense budget for the next fiscal year has allocated seven billion to 80 billion. Which is an increase of 11 percent compared to last year.

The Boat Is Sinking Economy To Rebound

The Boat Is Sinking Economy To Rebound

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Defense expenditure in the current financial year had been allocated seven billion. The finance minister said the federal budget in the next fiscal year increased 29 percent have been seven billion. Next year, the total expenditure is estimated at Rs 40 billion to 89 billion. While government spending is estimated at 31 billion to 51 billion. The fiscal year 2016 budget to the 2015 budget is the third of the current government.

Budget announcement of Finance Minister said that Pakistan’s economy in the year 2014 was close to bankruptcy. But now the economy has recovered the boat’s sinking. The finance minister said the country’s crude production deficit during the current fiscal year is expected to be five percent.

In the next fiscal year’s budget deficit will be further reduced to 4.3%. Federal government employees in the next year and a half to seven percent increase in pensions announced. Also in the medical allowance of government employees has been increased by 25 percent. The Finance Minister said terrorism victims return from the operation and maintenance of a comprehensive plan is built. In the next fiscal year’s budget and spend a trillion 16 billion have been allocated. Which 80 billion will be collected through special taxes.

He said that more than 50 million annual profit-making companies for the reconstruction of areas affected by terrorism three percent of your income tax time just to give one. In the next fiscal year, two billion for energy projects are allocated 48 billion. The Finance Minister said that the government is trying to remove the power load in December 2017.

LNG will be achieved by 3800 MW. Water reserves in the next fiscal year budget of 31 billion rupees have been allocated for projects. Students from rural areas have been allocated to scholarships. Water and power projects for the upcoming fiscal year, a billion has been allocated more than 42 billion.

Universities and higher education in the next fiscal year’s budget of Rs 71 billion has been allocated. 78 billion have been earmarked for the railway and 170 new locomotives will be purchased. He railway stations in budget funds have been allocated to improve. Read this new in Urdu on BBC.

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