Wireless Charging Just Overcame Its Biggest Obstacle

Technology, especially things that are packaged in your smartphone, generally follow a linear evolution. Each year brings better chips, better Bluetooth connectivity, better screens (goodbye on the LCD screen) or better battery life. But a technology in smartphones had been in a war of years’ traits: wireless charging.

Apple has finally brought this wireless charging technology to the iPhone with the iPhone 8 and iPhone X, but the idea has been around for years and now there are only two formats left: Powermat and Qi, which are the supremacy of wireless charging. But now the fight is finally over.

At CES, Powermat announced today that it would join the Wireless Energy Consortium and share its technology to further promote the Qi wireless standard. When Powermat enters the fold, there will be no confusion about which loading platform loads which phones. The future will hopefully be wireless charging luck.

Since Palm (yes, Palm) took over the technology for the first time, the wireless store was soon divided into competitive standards, confusing potential buyers and causing phone manufacturers to stray away from the confusing mess. Samsung has even set both standards on their phones, starting with the Galaxy S7 in 2016.

Powermat and Qi are expected to merge over the last year due to the introduction of the Qi standard by the iPhone. It would not be the first time that Apple solemnly solicits a technology that it considers unworthy of (sorry, audio connector). It’s unclear what that means for phones in the future, but it’s far more likely that your next phone will eventually bring wireless happiness into your life.

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